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Morality is about make the world a better place, not religion.

My “cloud” tool chain

Ideas to ponder

… thinking long-term is a high status thing to do because smart people are better at it. Thus, being a long-term thinker signals that you are smart. However, as we might expect with status competitions this is overdone. – Karl Smith

How i spent my summer

CloudSwing If the idea of deploying your applications on commercially supported open source stacks with built in application monitoring and cost management sounds appealing you should check it out. I learned an immense amount, even though i have been using cloud computing for years. The view from inside is a bit different than it is […]

“libraries … are guaranteed not to change during runtime” = a language i *don’t* need to learn –

That first cup of good coffee after not having any for a week is sooo good.

The “Edit with Emacs” chrome extension rocks.

Big thumbs up for both NoJa and serda’s. Downtown Mobile has come a long way. .

Involvement in standardization efforts has made me really appreciate the brilliance of the IETF’s “rough consensus and running code” culture

Today @fmorganwhitney declared himself “the Shakespeare of your mom jokes”