Katrina, Part Two

The worst is over at my parents house and they are fine. No damage to their house and none of the downed trees need to be dealt with immediately (they are not in road, etc). I am pretty amazed that their telephone is still working. Apparently, they talked to my brother not too long ago and he is fine.

When I tried to call my brother on his mobile phone I got this message, “Due to the hurricane in the area your call cannot be completed at this time.” I think it is a pretty interesting that the “your call cannot be completed” messages are customized these days.

1 thought on “Katrina, Part Two

  1. The parental units live in Wilmer. (on the far left side of that map).

    Downntown Mobile flooded as Mobile River washed into town. News this morning showed downtown nearly dry, so the water is receeding.

    New Orleans is flooding because a two block section one of the levees that contains Lake Pontchartrain has broken through. I’ve never been to the Great Lakes but I think Lake Pontchartrain must be of similar scale; you cannot see from one shore to another.

    But by all accounts, NO was spared. The MS gulf coast was hardest hit.

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